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Target Filter View

HOWTO video on Target Filter View

Figure 1


The filters created in the Target Filter View can be applied in the Deployment and Rollout views as seen in Figure 2 and Figure 3 below:


Deployment View

Figure 2 - Deployment View - Custom Filter

Rollout View

Figure 3 - Rollout View -- Custom Target Filter

Add (Plus icon)

To create a custom filter in the Target Filter View, click the Plus icon on the top right of the screen.

Clicking the Search icon will enable the user to query by any string inside the container.

Create Filter

Figure 4

You will need to define the Filter Name and also a query. In the example above we have:

Filter Name: Devices in New York Query: **tag = "office_columbus_ave"

In this case, a query for the tag “office_columbus_ave” will be applied. This means that any Target Device which has the tag “office_columbus_ave” associated to it will be a result.

Other Query Examples

Query Description
updatestatus==error Displays all target devices in ‘error’ state
controllerid!= Displays all targets that don’t have the controllerid
name==nitro Displays all targets which contain the term ‘nitro’ in their name.
name==nitro or description==nitro Displays all targets that either have the term ‘nitro’ in their name or description.
name==warp and description==warp Displays all targets that have the term ‘nitro’ in their name and their description
name==adu* and updatestatus==pending Displays all targets with their name starting with ‘nitro’ which are not in ‘pending’ state.
('Web Content' and description==Plug) or updatestatus!=error Displays all targets which are either assigned to the ‘Web Content’ distribution and have description equals to ‘Plug’ or which are not in error status.
(updatestatus!=In_sync or updatestatus!=error) and name==warp Displays all targets that don’t have the updatestatus In_sync or error and which also contain the term ‘warp’ in their name.
(updatestatus!=error or updatestatus!=pending) and (name==warp or description==warp) Gives all targets that either have the term ‘warp’ in their name or their description and also either have the update status not in state error or pending.

Supported Operators

  • Equal: ==
  • Not Equal: !=
  • 'In' parameter: =IN= (Example: name=IN=(target1,target2)
  • Wildcard: *