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Config Files


Various, standard configuration files that will be used on any custom embedded board will be documented here. These configuration files can be edited on each device directly or adjusted before building a new image.

swupdate.cfg - Cloud agent configuration

Here we cover the /etc/swupdate/swupdate.cfg file which passes configuration parameters to SWUpdate. These parameters are then used to authenticate with your account on Update Factory.

globals :
    loglevel = 4;
    syslog = true;
    postupdatecmd = "";

suricatta :
    tenant      = "yourtenant";
    id          = "device";
    url         = "";
    cafile      = "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt";


You must replace the value in the tenant parameter, to your specific, tenant value.


If you have a Proof of Concept or Expansion subscription you must use the business environment by replacing the value in the url parameter with

When all required changes are saved, the service needs to be restarted for changes to take effect:

# /etc/init.d/swupdate restart

Details about other configuration file parameters can be found here.

update.env - Automatic vs manual update trigger

The device can be setup to install updates:

  • manually (default setting): in this mode the user is required to start installation with command after the logs in Update Factory Server or in the device (serial console) notify the update is downloaded.
  • automatically: in this mode the system immediately reboots for installation as soon as download of the update is complete.

The configuration file /etc/swupdate/update.env allows to adjust the behaviour, and defaults to manual mode:

export UPDATE_FORCED=false

Change parameter to true to have updates installed automatically.